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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am not old, only vintage

I started to cry while making this set.This dress reminds me of my late grand mother, she loved to wear lace/crochet dress like this in white or pastel color.
I was at work when my mom called me that granny had a stroke attack last march 2009. I drove my car really crazy, but it was too far , took me 2 hours to get to hospital and I was too late, because my beloved granny has passed away.
Believe it or not, everytime I get really sick or sad, she will come in to my dream, telling me not to worry and that everything will turn out fine. I really miss her, sooo much that I cry.I dreamt of her the other night,sleeping close to me on my bed, caressing my hair as if she tried to comfort me..

Womens Misses Flounce-Cuff Crochet Cardigan Sweater - Burnt-coral, $144
Light wool jacket grey melange, 1.999 DKK
SteveMadden - VAALEY GREEN high platform, $100
Monsoon Accessorize - Trapped Oriental Heart Ring, 6 GBP
Pedre Women's 4971RX Antique Rose Copper-Tone Crystal Charm Watch, $98
Manor House Filigree Crescent Frame Earrings, $22
Michal Negrin Jewelry Crystal Flowers Hair Brooch, $288
Free Scrapbooking Software Templates Embellishments Backgrounds, $12
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bag flower vintage
Woman Man Reading Button Earrings - Glam Vintage Remix | Earrings |...
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