If Loving Fashion is a Crime, I Plead Guilty

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sometimes, you have to accept the facts that
some people are going to
stay in your heart forever...even if you are
long ago gone in their heart

a best friend of mine reminds me that best creativity and art never come out of happiness, he probably were joking...but when my heart was really painful because a loved one has been thrown me away , surprisingly I made so many sets that were finally being picked up by http://www.polyvore.com as TOPSET of the day of 6 millions Polyvore users, wow!!!

Here's one of them...created for my love Richie, when I was really frustrated ( I am still, actually :)) , confused because I love him and miss him so much, but I am not allowed to contact him anymore. Nothing I can do expect hoping the best for him, at least I tried my best the past 7 years to patiently waiting and accepting,forgiving anything.

TOPSET FOR 26 august 2010

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