If Loving Fashion is a Crime, I Plead Guilty

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Forgotten Princess

Where's my prince?
Eventhough loving you is painful,
you are my favourite pain
I've been waiting for 7,5 years
And will keep on waiting until death take my sorrow away

Without you

Without you by MissPrueVampire on Polyvore.com

A rose in a dry land

How beautiful it would be

To stand so erect in perfect majesty

Lovely beyond description

Wonderful and true

Standing in perfect loneliness

Waiting for you…


Would anyone ever understand

The loneliness of a rose

In a dry land??

Would anyone really ever see

The heartbeat and fragility

Of her majesty??

But would anyone dare

To admit the bewitching strength

Behind her seductive soft wear??


A Rose in a dry land…

How lovely and true

Standing silently

Telling of things

You may never know

A hidden promise of heaven

Of paradise regained

But any paradise on earth

Is always stained


Who are we to ask for perfection

When we are too imperfect to be

Lovely roses….

Standing in perfect majesty!!!

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